About Me

Graphic Artists create a wide variety of layouts, iconography, package designs, website designs, logos and illustrations. They incorporate design elements such as sound, color, animation, typography and images. They may use several image editing and digital animation software programs to create their designs.

An E-learning Developer works to oversee the operation and development of online e-learning programs or computer-based virtual courses. As an e-learning specialist, your duties include selecting or producing media to use during training, and using highly specialized computer programs to prepare training courseware.

My Experience

Graphic Design

I have a deep love for vectorized art. It started with McDraw 2 on a Apple Mac Classic backin 1992.…

Web Design & Animation

Vector art led me into Adobe Flash, which progressed into Actionscript and how programming works on the backend. I learned…


My Experience in Flash Animation and Graphic Design made me a fit for Online learning or E-learning Development. I like…

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